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Feminine empowerment, Individuality, Diversity

Breaking away from traditional fashion cycles, MARA RHOMBERG is a contemporary fashion label committed to redefining what a luxury brand means today.

Established in 2018, MARA RHOMBERG was born when founder Mara Rhomberg embarked on a personal journey to engage with deeper, more conscious living. Making a bid to streamline her wardrobe in pursuit of a simpler lifestyle, Mara looked for one-stop wardrobe solutions that could offer consciously-made luxury clothing,  simultaneously catering to an active lifestyle while embracing womanly femininity, and found there to be a gap in the market.
A reaction to the prolonged period of androgyny, minimalism and streetwear, each MARA RHOMBERG collection makes a bid to bring femininity squarely back into the sartorial conversation, uniting sharp tailoring, athleisure and elegant day and eveningwear under the brand’s unique expression of a woman’s silhouette.
An antidote to the relentless design and production schedules of the fashion industry, collections drop throughout the year, its edit an answer to the specific need of that moment. As much emphasis is placed on ethical manufacturing practices, working with artisanal suppliers and boutique producers, to ensure sustainable, lasting construction, as it is on beautiful, comfortable design. Drawn to exceptional fabrics and impeccable quality, each piece is made to be cherished, to stand the test of time and to work seamlessly worn across different occasions according to every woman’s unique take on style.
In addition to creating conscious collections of luxury essentials, MARA RHOMBERG maintains a firm commitment to supporting women on their search for wellbeing beyond their wardrobes. Women are invited to browse through content curated by Mara Rhomberg, from wellness and lifestyle inspiration to multimedia features on a community of like minded women.
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